Early Admissions for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Early admission pathway for Bachelor of Science in Nursing

You have aspirations to help people live healthier and happier lives, and we want to support you in pursuing those dreams. Our early admission pathway can provide you with a secured seat* in our BSN program to begin your journey to become a nurse.

With the limited number of seats available for this option, we may not be able to offer early admission to all who apply. If you are not admitted to the early admission option, you can still apply to the traditional BSN option. To review our traditional admissions process, please visit our BSN admissions webpage.

Early admission pathway selection occurs one time per year with final decisions being released via email in spring. Our goal is to build a class that exemplifies the values of our college and the university. Students offered a seat in the BSN program through Early Admission will first complete the required prerequisite courses during their first year at Ohio State and then will begin the BSN program in the Autumn semester of their second year, if they continue to meet the post-admission standards outlined below. This snapshot resource provides an overview of what pre-nursing students following the early admissions (EA) pathway can expect in the first year.

If you have questions, please email our recruitment team at nursing@osu.edu. PLEASE NOTE that invitations have been sent to eligible students for the current 2022-2023 application cycle.

*Post-admissions academic standards and policies must be met to maintain early admission to the BSN.


Minimum eligibility requirements
  • Apply by the early action deadline to The Ohio State University Columbus campus as a pre-nursing student
  • Be in the top 3% of your high school class ranking; if you have questions about how class rank is calculated as part of the admissions process at Ohio State (especially if your high school does not track class rank), please contact Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Be admitted to Ohio State’s Columbus campus as a pre-nursing student
  • Must be 18 years of age by the first clinical course (NURSING 2270), which occurs in the Spring semester following admission into the BSN program (per clinical rules)

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Who we are looking for

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements outlined above, an ideal applicant will showcase his or her ability to uphold and live the college and university values through the oral and written elements of our holistic admissions review process.

We are seeking individuals who are prepared for the rigors of nursing education. We strongly value diversity, collaboration, leadership and other qualities that will contribute to the nursing profession and healthcare field. Applicants are reviewed on a holistic basis. The below characteristics are not all encompassing, but include elements we’re looking for in the written essay responses and recorded online video interview:

  • Experiences that demonstrate leadership, collaboration and/or community involvement
  • The ability to overcome obstacles and challenges
  • Ability and desire to contribute to and engage with a diverse community
  • Aspire to make an impact on the healthcare field and improving peoples’ lives
  • Ability to effectively communicate

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Application process

Only applicants who are admitted to Columbus campus as a pre-nursing student, completed the essay questions AND an online interview by the required deadlines will be considered for the early admission option.

1. Apply to Ohio State Columbus campus (deadline already passed for Autumn 2022).

You must submit your application through Undergraduate Admissions for Ohio State Columbus campus by the early action deadline of November 1. Please make sure you indicate pre-nursing as your intended major.

2. Complete the essay questions and recorded online video interview by February 17 (for invited eligible candidates).

The Early Admission application process will be conducted through an online platform. When accessing the online platform, please sign up using the same email address you used when applying to Ohio State. The essay questions and recorded online interview must be completed by the College of Nursing early admission application deadline, November 15. The recorded online video interview provides an additional avenue for you to demonstrate your characteristics and experiences through a verbal response. This will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and ability to effectively communicate your thoughts.

You are required to complete the essay questions and online interview in one sitting. You will have unlimited time to complete your two essay responses and two minutes to answer each interview question. We recommend budgeting at least one hour to complete both portions.

The essay questions provide an opportunity for you to share characteristics and experiences that will make you a successful student in the BSN program. This can include, but is not limited to leadership experiences, ability to overcome obstacles and challenges, ability to work in a team environment, commitment to the healthcare field and openness to diversity of thought and experiences.

You are required to complete the essay questions and recorded online video interview in one sitting. You will have unlimited time to complete your three essay responses and two minutes to answer each interview question. We recommend budgeting at least one to two hours to complete both portions.

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Admissions timeline for all applicants

A decision on your application will be sent via email in early April. If you are attending at Ohio State in Autumn 2022 and applied for BSN Early Admission, you can view the early admissions timeline here. If you are admitted to the pathway, you will receive additional information via email, including your Virtual Admissions Packet, which will guide you through the next steps, such as how to register for prerequisite classes.

Once released, all admission decisions for early admission are final. If you are not admitted through the early admission process, you will still maintain your admission to the university as a pre-nursing student and will be able to submit an application through the traditional BSN program during your freshman year. For more details on the traditional BSN admissions process, please visit our webpage.

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Post-admissions standards

In order to maintain your spot in early admission to the BSN, you must meet and abide by all academic standards and policies of the university and College of Nursing.

Specifically, you must meet the following requirements during your first year of enrollment:

  • Complete 30 semester undergraduate credit hours: Applicants must complete at least 30 undergraduate college credit hours by the end of the Spring term during their first year. Any transferred college credit, credit earned during high school and credit earned through Advanced Placement testing will all be included in this total.
  • Maintain an Ohio State cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Complete the required seven BSN prerequisite courses with a grade of C+ or higher

If you have taken prerequisite courses at institutions that do not award grades on a +/- scale, you must earn a grade of B or higher in each of the prerequisite courses in order to maintain your early admission status. AP credit may also be utilized to fulfill prerequisite requirements. Official transcripts and/or official AP scores must be sent to the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions in order for this credit to count towards the prerequisite requirement. Students who fail to meet the requirements listed above will not retain their early admission to the BSN. Should you still wish to be considered for the BSN program, you will be required to apply for the next open term and follow the application process. This may add additional time to degree completion.

Timeline for verifying post-admission standards and admission into the nursing major

The Undergraduate Admissions Committee will verify the completion of post-admission standards once final grades are posted for spring semester. The university sets the deadline for grade submission. Please refer to the Important Dates section on the University Registrar webpage for specific deadlines.

The verification process as well as other support services the Office of Student Affairs and Success will provide to you as a pre-nursing student entering through the early admission pathway are outlined on the Early Admission Communication Timeline. This timeline is intended for currently enrolled pre-nursing students in the Early Admission pathway, but highlights the services you can expect from the Office of Student Affairs and Success. 

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Licensure and certification

In order to practice professional nursing as a Registered Nurse, you must pass a licensing examination (NCLEX RN) in the state in which you will be practicing. Applicants must submit their fingerprints to the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (BCI) in order to be eligible to sit for the licensing examination. A prior conviction for certain criminal offenses may bar the applicant from obtaining licensure. In the State of Ohio, this information is located in the Ohio Revised Code (e.g., O.R.C. Sections 4723.09). On the Ohio Board of Nursing website, a “Disqualifying Offenses Criminal History Fact Sheet” is also available. Admission to the College of Nursing in no way guarantees that an applicant will be eligible for licensure or employment as a Registered Nurse.

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Application deadline for Autumn 2022 to Ohio State as an undergraduate applicant for eligible candidates

Opens: February 3
Deadline: February 17 for invited eligible candidates for the College of Nursing early admission application

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