NSHS Curriculum

Nursing 3115 (3 credit hours) School Health Roles and Responsibilities

Introduction to the scope of roles and responsibilities of individuals providing school health services locally and globally within school and community settings. Consideration of regulatory directives, health goals and resources. Analysis of skills and factors used to promote healthy school environments.

Nursing 3116 (3 credit hours) Management of School Health Services

Overview of the strategies for promoting school health on a daily, weekly and annual basis focusing on health promotion and disease prevention.

Nursing 3117 (3 credit hours) Children with Special Needs in Schools

School health services for children with special needs based on best evidence. Interdisciplinary, legislative and professional aspects considered.

Elective Course (3 credit hours)

Students will take one of the following electives to enhance their understanding of the role of the nurse in the school setting:

  • NRSADVN 3110 Health Assessment Across the Lifespan*
  • NRSADVN 3430 Cultural Competence in Health*
  • Nursing 2102 5 to Thrive
  • HWIH 2200 Introduction to Health Literacy
  • HWIH 2210 Dimensions of Wellness and Resilience
  • ESEPSY 2309 Psychological Perspectives on Education
  • HDFS 2200 Family Development*
  • HDFS 2410 Child Development*
  • SOCWORK 1140 Minority Perspectives: Race, Ethnicity and Gender*

*Offered in an online format