November 28, 2012

Senior nursing students create video using EBP

During their senior-level "transitions to practice" course this semester, an Ohio State College of Nursing student team collaborated on a challenge-based learning project by creating a video that highlights evidence-based practices in determining retention and satisfaction rates among newly employed nurses.


“This approach to problem solving is an innovative method that engages students in multidisciplinary approaches that they as new nurses in a challenging environment will face when they enter the professional workforce,” said Bonnie Kirkpatrick, MS, CNS, clinical instructor.

One team worked on a video posted on YouTube entitled “RN Avengers” to explore retention rates compared to the length of residency programs. The question they asked was whether new nursing graduates experiencing longer orientations reflect higher employer satisfaction with their job, along with a lower turnover rate. Research highlighted in the video indicated that longer orientations result in higher satisfaction and retention rates among new nurses, resulting in lower healthcare costs for healthcare organizations.

Team members included:

  • Victoria Fusner
  • Taylor Hoschar
  • Rachael Ruffin
  • Natasha Childress
  • John Payne
  • Caitlin Sepp
  • Brittany McVan

Working in groups and with experts in the healthcare environment, students gained a deeper understanding of the problems that exist in complex healthcare systems. With Kirkpatrick coaching them, the students developed real-world solutions to share with employers. They worked with educators, librarians and healthcare stakeholders in an interdisciplinary, cooperative and applied environment that mirrors the 21st century workplace.

The project was part of 2012-13 Course Enhancement Grants funds that Kirkpatrick was awarded. The video is available at


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