March 18, 2021

PhD Student, Avery Anderson Published in Advances in Nursing Science for research about suicide theory


Avery Anderson, a PhD student in the College of Nursing’s abstract, The Three-Step Theory of Suicide: Analysis and Evaluation, was accepted and published in the scientific journal, Advances in Nursing Science.

Anderson’s clinical background in psychiatric nursing with children and adolescents and having the privilege to work with transgender and gender non-conforming children (TGNC) inspired him to dive into the disproportionate rates of mental health challenges and suicide that these children face.

“When we were tasked with choosing a theory to analyze and evaluate in our philosophy course, I was ready to dive into the suicide theory literature,” said Anderson.

Anderson and his mentor, Mary Beth Happ, PhD, RN, FAAN, FGSA, Associate Dean of Research and Innovation and Distinguished Professor of Critical Care Research in the college collaborated on this manuscript. Anderson is excited to share this important information and have this piece published.

Looking ahead, he hopes to provide clarifying insight around mental health and suicide, particularly for children who identify as TGNC. He knows he has more reading and learning to do before conducting his own research, but he has a big goal set for his future.

“I would say this speaks to the preparation of the PhD program and Dr. Happ’s mentorship that spurred this paper’s development,” said Anderson. “My career goal is to develop a research program that contributes to combating the disproportionately high suicide outcomes for TGNC kids.”


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