November 01, 2017

The graduate degree programs in the College of Nursing at Ohio State have new requirements and deadlines for students applying in the fall of 2018 and planning to start classes in the summer or fall of 2019. Applications for a master of science in nursing, including the traditional master’s and graduate entry options, as well as the BSN to DNP program will be due on Oct. 31, 2018. This includes all required materials as well as completion of prerequisite courses.


“These changes will benefit our students in many ways,” said Megan Alexander, program manager for graduate degrees. “We will be able to review applications and notify students of their acceptance much more quickly.


The new requirements include completion of all pre-requisite courses prior to applying for the graduate entry program option, which is designed for people with bachelor’s degrees in other fields who want to become nurses. Students need to finish their pre-requisite courses in the spring or summer of 2018 to be prepared to submit their application by the new deadline.


“We know that successful completion of pre-requisites is directly correlated with success in nursing coursework,” said Kristine Browning, PhD, CNP, FAANP, associate professor of clinical nursing and co-director of the master of science in nursing program. “We want to ensure student success from the beginning.”


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