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Lisa Militello
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Over the past 15 years, my clinical experience as a pediatric nurse practitioner has encompassed working with children and families to promote healthy choices. My personal belief is that families can work together to build each other up and foster optimal wellness. Using family and friends as pillars to endorse healthy behaviors not only promotes health, passively, obesity rates can be reduced. Utilizing my clinical experience and public health background, I chose to focus my clinical research on parlaying technology to reach and deliver health education and behavior change skills though primary care. As part of my doctoral study, I explored how cognitive behavior therapy and technology can be used to promote health behavior change. From that area of research, I was able to work in conjunction with software companies to extend conceptual clinical ideas into software applications to deliver simple triggers over text messaging to families with a child diagnosed with overweight or obesity. Going forward, my research goal is to optimize the interaction between pediatric clinical care and health information technology.


August 05, 2020

The need for human touch is universal among critical care patients and is an important component of the nurse–patient relationship. However, multiple barriers to human touch exist in the critical care environment. With little research to guide practice, we argue for the importance of human touch in the provision of holistic nursing care.

July 20, 2020

The five-year, $3.13 million grant will deploy social-assistive robots at Ohio Living Westminster-Thurber and Chapel Hill Community in Canal Fulton near Canton for an eight-week trial. The study is aimed at curbing loneliness and apathy in older adults, especially for those with dementia.