BSN admissions

Admission to the nursing major is highly competitive. Applicants are selected on the basis of their academic record; critical thinking and writing skills demonstrated in the essays; and potential for success in the nursing program. Admission decisions are made after the application deadline, and applicants are notified in writing as soon as a decision is made. All applicants are notified of their status by mid-June. Some applicants may be placed on an alternate list, and, as space becomes available, admitted from the alternate list through the end of the summer. Applicants who need to schedule courses for autumn semester but have not been informed of an admission decision should schedule courses in line with their alternate plan (i.e., courses outside of the nursing major).

Admission requirements

  • Graduation from an accredited high school or equivalent
  • Completion of 30 semester credit hours of college course work (25 of which are prerequisite courses) by the end of spring semester of the year of intended enrollment in the nursing major 
  • Minimum grade of C+ or better in all prerequisite courses
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2 or better on a 4.0 scale on all collegiate academic courses

For applicants that completed the prerequisite courses on the quarter system please read the following: The admissions committee will average both grades earned in Chemistry 101 and 102 or Chemistry 121 and 122 only if the applicant earned at least a C+ or higher in each of the two Chemistry courses.  If an applicant earned lower than a C+ in one or both courses (Chemistry 101 and 102 or Chemistry 121 and 122) the applicant will need to register and complete the newly designed Chemistry 1110 or Chemistry 1210 before the end of spring semester, 2013.  Chemistry 1110 or Chemistry 1210 are semester equivalents to Chemistry 101 and 102 or Chemistry 121 and 122. Chemistry 1110 or Chemistry 1210 will satisfy the prerequisite requirements for admission into the nursing major.

Application process
Students should apply for admission to the nursing major during their pre-nursing year. Applications may be submitted between October 1 and January 15. The deadline for submitting an application is January 15. Students are admitted autumn semester only, and applicants must apply online after October 1 at

Each year begins a new application process. Applicants must complete all prerequisite coursework by the end of spring semester, prior to beginning nursing courses. Please note that applicants outside the University must submit an official transcript to the Office of Professional Admissions by May 20.

Application Review and Course Equivalencies:

Each applicant is responsible for verifying that all the prerequisite courses taken (or planned) meet the College of Nursing’s requirements. 

 The traditional BSN program does not accept general (GEN), special (SPL), or technical (TECH) credit for prerequisite courses.   Applicants that have been awarded GEN, SPL, or TECH credit need to contact the individual department to request a course equivalency credit evaluation.  We recommend that applicants contact the department early as the re-evaluation process may take several weeks.  The results of the credit re-evaluation should be sent to: by February 1.

The College of Nursing will not inform applicants of any unfulfilled prerequisite courses.  Applicants who are deficient in any prerequisite course will not be considered for admission into the nursing major.

 Current OSU Students:

We advise applicants who are currently enrolled at OSU to run a Degree Audit Report (DARS) to verify the completion of the prerequisite courses.  This includes applicants who recently transferred in to OSU.

 Please use the following resources to verify the completion of the prerequisite courses for admission into the nursing major:

Degree Audit Report (DARS)

Department Transfer Coordinators

 Applicants from outside OSU:

We advise applicants not currently enrolled at The Ohio State University to verify the completion of prerequisite courses by using resources such as or by contacting the Office of Professional Admissions

 Applicants enrolled at colleges outside of the state of Ohio are encouraged to submit a prerequisite course evaluation form to the Office of Professional Admissions. 

  In-state applicants are encouraged to refer to or to learn the transferability of credit hours.

Admission statistics
The College of Nursing received 364 applications for Autumn 2014 enrollment. Of those, 219 (60%) applications were from Ohio State pre-nursing students, 122 (55%) of whom were offered admission. The remaining students were admitted from other majors at OSU and transfer students from other colleges and universities who had taken equivalent prerequisite courses. The average overall GPA of accepted applicants was 3.74 on a 4.0 scale. The average prerequisite GPA for accepted applicants was 3.69. Admission to the College of Nursing remains extremely competitive. In addition to the student's GPA, essay responses are strongly considered.

It is suggested that applicants develop an alternate academic plan should they not be admitted into the nursing major. This could include either another major at Ohio State or another nursing program.

Applicants to the nursing major must complete the following prerequisite courses by the end of spring semester 2015 to be considered for admission into the major in autumn 2015.

Prerequisite courses

Department Ohio State course Semester cr. hrs.
Anatomy 2300 Human Anatomy   4
Biology 1101 Introductory Biology or
1113 Biological Sciences: Energy Transfer and Development
Chemistry 1110 Elementary Chemistry or
1210 General Chemistry
English 1110 First-Year English Composition   3
Psychology 1100 Introduction to Psychology   3
Sociology 1101 Introductory Sociology or 1500 Introduction to Rural Sociology   3
Physiology (EEOB) 2520 Human Physiology   3


Student Nursing Assistant Requirement

Click here for more information on the nursing assistant course requirement.

A State Nursing Assistant (STNA or SNA) course has been added as a clinical compliancy requirement for the BSN program. This course must be completed prior to beginning the program and we encourage students to refrain from taking this course until they have been admitted to the Nursing program. The course must include a minimum of 16 hours of direct patient care (clinical) experience.  Credit earned from the course does not apply towards degree completion.

This requirement may be met in one of three ways:

1. Copy of SNA/STNA certification.
2. Copy of proof of SNA/STNA course completion (without certification). Proof may be a certificate of completion, transcript, or a receipt from the school/program which includes your name, course title, and date completed.
3. Verification of current or previous employment as a nursing assistant, nurse aide, STNA, PCA, SNA or CNA. Your current employer must complete this form to verify your employment status.

Send to:

College of Nursing Undergraduate Records
252 Newton Hall
1585 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210-1289

Many high schools, technical schools, health care agencies, and community colleges offer SNA courses. Current high school students may complete the course prior to their arrival at Ohio State, while current college students may complete the SNA course any time throughout the academic year, or in summer prior to enrollment in the nursing major. The certificate of completion must be received by the Office of Student Affairs prior to the first day of class, autumn semester.

Additionally you may locate a course in Ohio by following these instructions for online access to the Nurse Aid Training and Competency Program:

Go to

At the bottom of the page (lower left corner) select: Online services

Select: Health care provider report and information extract

From the drop down boxes select:
      Facility listing
      NATCEP/Dining Assist (click in the circle next to this)
      Either NATCEP facility based or non-facility based;
          to print both lists you will have to run and print them separately
      County/counties you are interested in

6.  Click: Submit

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