Ohio State Scholarships

Ohio State scholarships available to both undergraduate and graduate students

University-administered scholarships
A multitude of scholarships administered by The Ohio State University are available. Students may apply for scholarships which are academic-based only, minority, special-eligibility, and others. Information and scholarship applications are available online at www.sfa.osu.edu/scholarships .

For additional information or to make an appointment with one of the university’s financial aid counselors, call (614) 292-0300, or visit The Ohio State University Office of Student Financial Aid web site at www.sfa.osu.edu .

Critical Difference for Women Re-Entry Scholarship
Scholarships are available for women who have interrupted their education, at any level, due to unforeseen obstacles such as family responsibilities or financial constraints. Visit www.criticaldifference.osu.edu/Re-entry Scholarships.htm .

College of Nursing scholarships
A large number of these scholarships are need-based and require that the student has completed the Free Application for Student Aid [FAFSA] by the February 15 priority deadline (since all awards must be made in compliance with the Office of Student Financial Aid). Continuing and newly admitted students will automatically be considered for merit-based and special eligibility scholarships.

Funds are limited and preference is given to full-time students who are continually enrolled. The annual decision-making process for College of Nursing-funded scholarships begins during the latter half of Spring term (sometime after April 15) and is dependent on when the Office of Student Financial Aid provides information from the FAFSA. Scholarships are awarded for the following Autumn term. Students admitted after the review process begins will be included in the following year’s pool.

Most College of Nursing scholarships will be awarded by June 15. Notification of awards will be made via US mail. In addition, students can check their university financial aid account to determine loans and scholarship amounts.

Ohio State scholarships available to graduate students only

University Fellowships
The Ohio State University Graduate School awards several kinds of competitive fellowships. These opportunities are available to new, incoming graduate students who have not previously done graduate work at OSU. Criteria for recipients are a GRE score in the 75th percentile on the exam's Verbal and Quantitative components and a 4.0 on the Analytical Writing component with a GPA of 3.6 or better.

Graduate Enrichment Fellowships
Applicants who contribute to the diversity of the Graduate School through ethnic background, social or economic disadvantage, disability, or other characteristics. These opportunities are available to new, incoming graduate students who have not previously done graduate work at OSU. Academic criteria include a GRE score in the 40th percentile and a GPA of 3.1 or better.

Both University and Graduate Enrichment Fellowship candidates are identified and nominated by the College of Nursing's Graduate Studies Committee.

Applicants wishing to be be considered for Fellowships must submit GRE scores taken within the last five years, regardless of program specific criteria.

For information, deadlines, and eligibility requirements for Graduate School Fellowships: http://www.gradsch.ohio-state.edu/graduate-school-fellowships-for-first-year-graduate-students.html


Critical Difference for Women Research on Women Fund
Seed money to doctoral students and faculty who are conducting research on all areas of women’s lives, including gender and gender equity. Visit http://criticaldifference.osu.edu .

Leadership Education Excellence in Neurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities (LEND) Program
Scholarships and stipends are available to RNs who are enrolled in the Pediatric NP, Neonatal NP, or Family NP specialty tracks. Visit http://nisonger.osu.edu/LEND/ to learn more.