Student Affairs / Financial Aid / Tuition

Student Affairs Introduction

Meet the staff and academic advisors of the Office of Student Affairs. Complete contact information is provided.
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Academic advising

Academic advisors in the College of Nursing direct course scheduling for individual students and serve as a vital connection between the student and university resources and information.
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Diversity and Inclusion

The College of Nursing is proactively committed to enhancing diversity in nursing education and workforce to reduce health disparities and achieve health equity.

Financial aid

The College of Nursing is committed to supporting our students’ financial planning. This section of the web site will guide you in planning to finance your education.
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Schedule a visit

Visit the College of Nursing to learn more about our undergraduate or graduate programs. Depending on your program of interest, you could attend an overview session or an open house.
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Education Abroad

Students are exposed to a variety of health care systems, patient needs, and cultural impacts within the field of nursing. Students learn many new skill sets and gain appreciation for cultural differences.
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Tuition and fees

Tuition and fees in the College of Nursing are based on specific programs, campus of enrollment and the number of registered credit hours.
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Student organizations

Nursing students have the opportunity to participate in student-led organizations as well as social and educational programming. Student organization members and program participants gain leadership skills and develop strong relationships with faculty and staff.
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