Pre-Nursing Orientation

A message from the Director for Student Services

Welcome and congratulations! You have been admitted to Pre-Nursing in the College of Nursing. Pre-Nursing will be your focus area while you complete prerequisite courses for the nursing major and apply to the BSN program. Just as admission to the nursing major is competitive, so is admission to Pre-Nursing. You have been selected as a Pre-Nursing student because of your excellent academic performance.


As a Pre-Nursing student, you have special opportunities that will encourage you to examine and cultivate your interest in nursing as a career. 


  • You may apply to live in the Nursing and Wellness Innovations Learning Community, which is located in the Park-Stradley residence hall, during your freshman year. This is a wonderful opportunity to live with other students who share your interests and goals. 
  • You will be assigned an academic advisor with an expertise in the admissions policies and procedures of the College of Nursing.
  • You will have the opportunity to gain experience in healthcare settings.
  • You will be invited to events and activities to meet other students interested in nursing and to develop your knowledge of nursing as a career choice.
  • You will also be invited to attend a summer orientation tailored for Pre-Nursing students to help plan for the coming year and prepare to submit a competitive application to the nursing major. 


The grades you earn as a Pre-Nursing student are extremely important to your successful admission to the nursing major. Use the academic resources that are available to you. Get to know your academic advisor and your instructors. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Admission to Pre-Nursing does not guarantee a place in the nursing major. You must make yourself as competitive as possible by excelling in your coursework. You will compete for admission to the major against applicants from other majors and other universities. As a Pre-Nursing student, I hope that you will take advantage of the opportunities available to you which will strengthen your application to the major. 


Again, congratulations on your admission to The Ohio State University and to Pre-Nursing. You have chosen a rewarding and challenging path. 


Best wishes in the coming year.


Nicole Fette, MEd
Director for Student Services
College of Nursing


Pre-Nursing Summer Orientation - July 12 - 13, 2018

The College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs will host a two-day summer orientation on July 12-13, 2018 for all freshmen enrolled in the Pre-Nursing program. The summer orientation program will help prepare you for success at Ohio State and ease your transition to campus.

Information about the Pre-Nursing orientation will be sent to Autumn 2018 incoming freshmen starting in early April.

Pre-Nursing students are required to register for this two-day orientation. To register, contact University Orientation online at or by phone at (614)292-4161.

The academic session on Day One begins with a welcome address from the leadership in the College of Nursing. Over the course of the orientation, students will meet with members of the Student Affairs staff to learn more about the nursing program, review the requirements for admission to the major, and receive their autumn semester class schedule.

Attendance at the July 12th-13th orientation is mandatory and no other dates are available.

We look forward to meeting you at summer orientation!

Preparing for Pre-Nursing Orientation

The orientation program will utilize a flipped classroom model. This model is followed by Ohio State professors and staff throughout campus in order to promote a shared ownership of the educational experience. In a flipped classroom setting, information and educational materials will be provided to you in a variety of modes. You will be expected to read and complete assignments like the online registration questionnaire prior to the start of orientation. Please visit the Pre-Nursing Orientation webpage to view resources such as online presentations, videos, and blogs.

To visit the online resources, please visit the following link: and play the video provided below to learn more about the experiences shared by members of the 2018 freshman class of Pre-Nursing students.


To download the video, right click here and select save link as.


Family Newsletter

As a Buckeye family member, we know you want to support your Pre-Nursing student, so we have developed a Parent & Family resource newsletter. As a subscriber, you will receive periodic messages to keep up-to-date with general information and tools to use as you assist your student toward success. Topics may include college transition, tutoring, and other resources, and tips to guide the nursing application process. Subscribe at: 


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