Research Intensive Workshop

Why intervention research?

Intervention research and comparative effectiveness research are now a high priority for many funding agencies. Researchers are encouraged to develop innovative interventions, including treatment regimens, prevention strategies, and innovative service delivery approaches, and personalize them for optimal use in diverse populations.

In this workshop, the essential elements of designing, conducting, analyzing, and funding intervention research will be taught in a user-friendly format. The workshop is geared toward doctorally prepared nurses, advanced practice nurses, doctoral students and other interdisciplinary health and science professionals.


Lecture topics
  • Using theory to guide intervention research
  • Designing intervention studies
  • Minimizing threats to validity
  • Measurement in intervention research
  • Designing and maintain fidelity in intervention research
  • Sample, missing data, and data management
  • Explaining mediator and moderator effects on intervention outcomes
  • Strategies for successful grant writing, with an emphasis on federal applications (NIH, AHRQ, PCORI)

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