Technology Learning Complex Facilities

TLC floor plan


The Ohio State University College of Nursing’s TLC is a state-of-the-science facility that combines specialty laboratory features with virtual reality capability. Each room is equipped for a dedicated focus (e.g., pediatric and neonatal care, intensive care), but is flexible enough to be used in a variety of ways.

The Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Virtual Technologies Laboratory (280)

A modern hospital setting with a full-body computerized patient simulator and peripheral devices for various medical procedures.

The Robert White Memorial High Acuity Simulation Laboratory (272)

An adult intensive care setting that is equipped with a patient simulator. Faculty are able to develop clinical scenarios that incorporate a wide range of advanced assessment skills (including analysis of arrhythmias, hemodynamic waveform monitoring, abnormal heart and lung sounds and vital sign changes) that would require rapid responses by the student.

The Dean Elizabeth R. Lenz Clinical Excellence Laboratory (256)

This room can simulate adult or neonatal ICU, or community setting. It currently represents a high-acuity environment with state-of-the-art headwalls for air, suction and oxygen sources, cabinetry, lighting, sink, commode and privacy curtains. It also has a Pyxis medication and supply station. An observation room allows the instructor to observe student responses, operate the simulator and record the session.

The FloAnn Sours Easton Neonatal, Pediatrics, and OB GYN Simulation Laboratory (284)

Simulates an intensive care environment for neonates and children, as well as labor and delivery and gynecological care.

The Jennifer Roberts Watts Patient Care Simulation Laboratory (294)

The layout of this room simulates a nurse’s station and patient rooms where students learn fundamental psychomotor and physical assessment skills with an emphasis on lower-risk patients. This lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art computerized clinical information system.

The Mary Wiedle Hamilton Advanced Health Assessment Simulation Laboratory (082)

A wide range of contemporary examination and diagnostic equipment exists for students learning to perform advanced physical examinations and diagnostic tests. The layout of this room is designed for students to practice in an environment that resembles a professional medical clinic that most students will experience in practice. This lab is equipped with a state-of-the-art computerized clinical information system, audio/visual recording equipment and observation glass to facilitate clinical patient simulations.