The Ohio State University College of Nursing provides a comprehensive set of technology tools aligned to support innovative and transformational education, research and evidence-based clinical practice. We provide tools to support faculty, students and staff members of the college, as well as tools to target specific areas of research, education and eLearning. Please visit the following pages to learn more about our services and how we support the college.

We pride ourselves on our service to the college and the faculty, staff and researchers that support our students. Most of the services we offer, we host and we own. Support for College of Nursing services are all handled in-house and on a friendly email and face-to-face basis. You're always welcome to stop by the IT Suite (2nd Floor NH 260) if you prefer to talk to us personally. No appointments are necessary.


Supported Centers and Initiatives


Contacting College of Nursing Support

Support for College owned computers, classroom, printers, software and networks:

  • Newton Hall Room 260
  • Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • E-mail:
  • Outside of regular business hours contact via e-mail, urgent issues will be resolved as soon as possible

Support for University provided services, such as Carmen, SIS, BuckeyLink or Site Licensed Software for students:


Information Technology Policies


Technology Services

Most of the services we offer, we host and we own. Support for College of Nursing services are all handled in-house and on a friendly email basis. You're always welcome to stop by the computer lab in Newton Hall, as well as the IT Suite if you prefer to talk to us personally. If you would like to know more about any of the services below or have any questions, please email



The college offers the following services that are used frequently by research projects and teams at the college

Lecture Capture, Panopto

The College of Nursing IT Department can support a variety of technologies to produce and deliver video content.

  • Panopto* is the preferred tool for the creation and distribution of content. It can be used to record audio, video and computer screens from one or more computers and can “Live Broadcast” presentations or allow them to be streamed. Videos can be edited online without the need for additional software installation. Panopto can also be utilized as a podcasting system or for delivery of content on mobile devices and smartphones.
  • Podcasts: Panopto is utilized to create audio and video podcasts for subscription of content and delivery to mobile devices, smart phones and computers.
  • Digital Video: We support the creation of content utilizing camcorders, the Integrated Codec Unit (ICU) and the iSWAT. Primarily our support services are for simulations and basic one-camera videos. If more complicated shoots are necessary please contact support.

*Panopto requires Microsoft Silverlight

Simulation Support

The College of Nursing IT Department supports several technologies utilized in simulation at the College’s Technology Learning Complex (TLC).

  • iSWAT: The Interactive Simulation Watching and Training system is a state-of-the-art setup utilizing 12 ceiling-mounted cameras and a total of 24 microphones installed in room 082. This system is controlled with wall-mounted switches to control recording and faculty can monitor the activities in each booth in real-time or in recorded formats.
  • ICU: The Integrated Codec Unit, is a system to record hi-definition procedure and skill demonstrations to improve the skills of students. The system is controlled by an interactive webpage and remote control which allows the person filming the procedure to ensure that the camera is appropriately zoomed and targeted.
SharePoint and Student Web

SharePoint is the software we use for the College of Nursing Intranet and Student Web portals. SharePoint facilitates the sharing of documents and has collaboration features that make it easy to manage document revisions when working in a team.

Survey Software

Survey software is an important tool for researchers, teachers, doctoral students and staff. To meet this need we have a secure, hosted system called Qualtrics.

Qualtrics is utilized as a data collection and survey tool. It supports a variety of questions types including CSV, SPSS and webpage based report generation. Qualtrics has been utilized in numerous research programs due to its due to its ease of use and analytical flexibility.

Secure Document Management

Hosted on secure and internal servers, the college has its own document management system that provides versioning, backup and legacy support all protected by the college's network and encryption.

Research Databases

Databases can be created for research projects or administrative purposes and can utilize data from the Student Information System, the University’s Operational Data Store or other college databases as data sources.

  • Most college databases utilize SQL Server to store the data and Web Applications as a front end or query interface.
  • ScriptCase is a toolkit utilized to create web-facing databases and front ends for databases.
  • Query Development and Reporting can be customized using Pentaho by the database developer to meet the needs of database users and researchers.



The college utilizes a wide variety of technologies, the list below represents some of the major components we use to provide the best service we can to students, faculty, staff and researchers. We are quick to innovate, and frequently add new technologies to better ourselves as a college.


Our lectures that take place in Newton Hall have the capabilities to be recorded and viewed at anytime by our students, staff and faculty. Panopto allows us to better serve the college and most importantly the students.


Our surveys and forms are all powered by Qualtrics which allows our faculty, staff and researchers an easy way to collect and analyze responses.


As a whole, we deploy many different types of content management systems. Drupal is our most popular choice and powers the majority of our websites.


Serving as a portal to faculty, staff and researchers, as well as our students SharePoint provides us with a central hub for all college activities.