US Healthiest appoints Melnyk to its board of directors

Columbus, OH (December 18, 2012) - US Healthiest is pleased to announce that Dr. Bernadette Melnyk has been appointed to its Board of Directors. Dr. Melnyk is the Associate Vice President for Health Promotion University Chief Wellness Officer Dean and Professor, College of Nursing and Professor of Pediatrics & Psychiatry, College of Medicine at The Ohio State University.US Healthiest Logo

“We are delighted that Bern will be serving on our Board,” said US Healthiest CEO, Nick Baird. “She brings a lot of energy, enthusiasm, expertise, and leadership to the table.”

US Healthiest’s mission is to make the US the healthiest nation in a healthier world. “Bern exemplifies and is a fabulous proponent of that mission,” says Baird.

US Healthiest exists to catalyze action and social engagement in support of our vision: To Make US the Healthiest Nation in a Healthier World. We seek to create a social movement promoting health and well-being everywhere people live, learn, work, and play. We want to find new ways to solve perennial problems of health and well-being, encourage people to make healthy choices, and create a social and physical environment that advances healthy living and well-being.

US Healthiest’s board is composed of 12 members representing public and private sector involvement in health.

Recognizing that America must build a culture and environment that focuses on wellness, rather than on health care, US Healthiest has created its signature initiative, the HealthLead™: US Healthiest Workplace Accreditation Program. Through the HealthLead accreditation process, US Healthiest not only recognizes organizations that demonstrate best practices in employee health management and well-being, but also helps them better align these practices with business sustainability, health, productivity, and financial outcomes. As such, HealthLead provides an ongoing continuous quality improvement process, irrespective of an organization’s size and experience in worksite health management. Earlier this year, The Ohio State University achieved Bronze Level accreditation status. 

About US Healthiest

USH is a non-partisan organization that facilitates partnerships between national and grassroots efforts, fosters innovative actions, and connects individuals to spark a nationwide social movement to make the U.S. the healthiest nation in a healthier world.