Joni Tornwall MEd, RN

Manager of Instructional Services
(614) 292-6804

347B Newton Hall
1585 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210

Joni joined the College of Nursing in January of 2013. She began her career as an operating room nurse and now assists nursing faculty with instructional design and integration of technology into learning environments.  She was previously employed as the Education Lead in the Digital Union at The Ohio State University. During her tenure at the Digital Union, she created and coordinated approximately 200 professional development opportunities focused on integrating technology into teaching and learning annually for faculty and staff. She also routinely consulted with instructors and administrators about transitioning courses from the traditional to the online environment.  

Joni is a Quality Matters Master Reviewer and trainer.  She has taught in the online and face-to-face environments for 10 years, including undergraduate courses in human biology, medical communication, and learning strategies, as well as a graduate-level course that leads students through the process of designing a high quality online course using evidence-based quality standards. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Higher Education Administration degree. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Learning Technologies at The Ohio State University.