Student receiving pin at 2019 Graduate Entry Pinning and White Coat Ceremony

2020 Graduate Entry Pinning and White Coat Ceremony

Friday, February 21
4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Fawcett Event Center, Conference Theater

The Graduate Entry Pinning and White Coat Ceremony is a formal celebration of your successful completion of prelicensure coursework and the progression to the master’s specialty portion of the program. A cake reception will immediately follow in the Grand Ballroom.

Please check your inbox for the formal invitation to RSVP. Below are important details and instructions for your participation in the event.

Ceremony Instructions for Participants

Please carefully read the following information. We do not have a rehearsal for this event, therefore being familiar with these instructions is vital.


On February 21, only during the hours designated for this event, CampusParc will temporarily waive permit requirements in designated A, B and C parking spaces for students and guests.


What to wear:

  • Business attire is required. Graduation regalia, uniforms, scrubs, etc. are not to be worn for this event.
  • Bring your white coat with you. Students will carry their white coat draped over their arm during the processional for the White Coat portion of the ceremony. White coats can be purchased through The Medical Store website using School Code: OSU2019.  
  • Those who want to have their white coats embroidered can do so at their own expense. Embroidery must be completed by Goodman Uniforms in Columbus. This service generally takes 7‐10 days. Please refer to the university’s embroidery requirements as outlined here. Students are not required to participate in the White Coat portion of the ceremony. Those who do not wish to participate will remain seated during that part of the ceremony
  • There are stairs on each end of the stage that students will use to enter and exit. Students should take this into consideration when selecting footwear.
  • There will not be a secured area for valuables (purses, phones, etc.) during the ceremony. Students are encouraged to lock valuables in their vehicle or leave them with family members prior to registration.

Registration Information

  • Students are expected to register between 3:00 - 3:15 p.m. Registration tables will be located in the Clinton Room. There will be staff at the entrance of the Fawcett Event Center to direct you.
  • Students will remain in the Clinton Room after registration. Students will begin lining up at 3:40 p.m. to prepare for the processional.
  • Only students are permitted in the Clinton Room before the ceremony. Family members will be directed to the Conference Theater. Doors open at 3:00 p.m.
  • Students will receive a card with their name and a number printed on it at registration.
    • If your name is commonly mispronounced, print the phonetic spelling of your name in clear, large print in the space provided.
    • The number corresponds to your place in line for the processional.
    • You will give this card to the announcer when you go onstage to be pinned. Keep it with you.
  • Students will receive a ribbon with their nursing pin on it at registration.
    • You will carry this with you onstage and give the ribbon to the faculty pinner who will pin it on you.
  • The processional will begin promptly at 4:00 p.m. Staff members will direct you before, during and after the ceremony. Please watch for their cues.
  • Students will sit in the reserved section in the Conference Theater. You will not be sitting with family or guests.


White Coat

  • Students will carry their white coats with them in the processional to their seats.
  • Students will be instructed during the ceremony to stand together at their seats and put on their white coats.

Presentation of Pins

  • Students will carry the ribbons with the nursing pin and the name card with them onstage. 
  • Students will be prompted by row to stand and approach the stage.
  • Students will walk to the stage steps on the right side of the stage where a staff member will be waiting.
  • Students will be sent one at a time up the steps and hand the name card to the speaker at the podium.
  • Students will walk to the middle of the stage as their name is read.
    • Students are to walk directly to the furthest available pinner. Students will hand their ribbon to the faculty member, who will attach the pin to their lapel.
    • Do not wait for a particular faculty person to finish with another student so they can pin you.
  • After being pinned, proceed to be congratulated by administration and receive a certificate.
  • Students then exit the stage at the far end and return to their seat.


  • When the ceremony ends, the faculty will exit the stage and lead the recessional out.
  • A staff member will release students to follow the faculty beginning with the front row.
  • Following the ceremony, students, faculty and guests are welcome to attend the cake reception located in the Grand Ballroom of the Fawcett Center. 

If you have additional questions about this information, please email Courtney Cartee at