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Questions about a program? Please direct all inquiries about the College of Nursing's academic programs to the Office of Students Affairs at 614-292-4041.

Inquiries related to the Dean's Office, or Development or Alumni offices may be made to 614-292-8900.


Office and Contact Phone Email
Alumni: Colleen Pelasky 614-688-2255
Biobehavioral lab 614-292-9294  
Biophysiological lab 614-292-9299  
Building coordinator: Harrison Kaib 614-688-2814
Clinical education lab 614-292-2099  
College faculty 614-292-8222  
College faculty fax 614-292-7976  
Computer lab 614-292-8199  
Dean's office: Kathy York (executive assistant to the dean) 614-292-8900
Dean's office fax 614-292-4535  
Development office: Courtney Shaul 614-688-1086
Fiscal office: Linda Walsh 614-292-4068
The Helene Fuld Health Trust National Institute for Evidence-based Practice in Nursing and Healthcare 614-688-1175  
Human resources: Melissa Chavis 614-292-4059
Information technology: Awais Ali 614-688-5370
Marketing and communications 614-688-3326
Student affairs 614-292-4041
Student affairs fax 614-292-9399  
Student council 614-294-4138  
Student learning center 614-292-8992  
Technology Learning Complex (TLC): Lisa Rohrig 614-292-3723