Pre-HWIH Admissions

Application process for pre-HWIH

New Freshman

Undergraduate admissions application (indicate HWIH on application)

Students with an interest in HWIH who are admitted to Ohio State Columbus campus as first year students will be enrolled in pre-HWIH. Students enrolled in pre-HWIH are welcome to apply to the major between October and July of each year.

Current Columbus campus students

Current Ohio State Columbus campus students can learn more about switching their major to pre-HWIH by viewing the major change overview and completing the associated quiz. At the end of the presentation, students have the option to complete a form that requests their major to be changed to pre-HWIH effective the following semester. Students are eligible to switch to pre-HWIH provided they have at least 12 hours of Ohio State credit and a minimum GPA of 2.75.

Current regional campus students

Students from a regional campus may apply directly to the HWIH major between October and July of each year provided they will meet all admissions requirements by the end of the spring term. Please visit the HWIH webpage for more information about applying directly to the HWIH major.

Students from a regional campus that are not eligible to apply directly to the HWIH major may request to change to the Columbus campus and into the pre-HWIH major. Students at a regional campus should speak with their regional campus advisor to submit a Campus Change Request form to the Office of Student Affairs and Success in the College of Nursing prior to the applicable deadline. Please refer to the table below regarding the request to change deadline. In order to be eligible to change to the Columbus campus, regional campus students must have 30 Ohio State credit hours in progress and maintain a minimum Ohio State GPA of 2.75 or higher.


Deadline to apply for campus change


July 1
December 1
March 1

Transfer students

Students transferring to Ohio State Columbus Campus with 30 completed college credit hours and a GPA of 2.75 or higher are eligible for the direct admission option. Students who do not meet the criteria for direct admission will be placed in pre-HWIH. Students with less than 30 completed college credit hours will be held to new first year student requirements for HWIH admissions.


Prerequisite Courses for the Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare Program

Prerequisites are for students applying for HWIH for Autumn 2020 start or later.

  • English 1110
  • Biology 1101 or 1113 or 1110
  • EEOB 2520 (Physiology)
  • Anatomy 2300 or EEOB 2510


Transfer Credit

Students entering Ohio State with transfer credit deemed General or Special credit may be required to have courses evaluated by the appropriate Ohio State department. This evaluation may require the student to produce a syllabus from the term and year each course was completed in order to be evaluated. To determine the suitability of credit completed at another institution, you can refer to Transferology, a web resource containing transfer information for courses offered at colleges or universities. To learn more about how to resolve transfer credit, please visit our webpage.


Other Credit considerations

College Credit Plus for prospective pre-HWIH students
HWIH is comprised of prerequisite courses, General Education (GE) coursework, major classes and electives. Students who plan to apply to the HWIH major should be aware of the following considerations when completing coursework through AP, College Credit Plus or transfer coursework:

  • Students must receive an AP score of a 3 or higher in an equivalent course to fulfill prerequisite course requirements. No grade is assigned to an AP score, students are awarded credit hours and the prerequisite is considered fulfilled. 
  • Credit will transfer following the state guidelines. Credit that does not meet a specific degree requirement will be elective credit.
  • Not all College Credit Plus courses apply to the degree requirements for the HWIH major.
  • The College of Nursing requires applicants to complete the direct equivalent coursework to the prerequisite requirements. Students completing College Credit Plus are encouraged to use or the admissions prerequisite standards website to confirm the transferability of coursework.
  • Although a student may have a significant amount of College Credit Plus, this may not reduce time to graduation.
  • Students are still required to apply to the major if not directly admitted, despite the amount of credit earned.
  • Students must submit transcripts by the designated date in order to be considered for the HWIH program.
  • Transfer credit is considered college coursework, and therefore is calculated into your overall GPA for the HWIH application.

For more general information on AP or College Credit Plus, please visit the below webpages:


Admission into the HWIH Major

Admission to the HWIH major is a formal process. Students should plan to apply to the HWIH program during their pre-HWIH year. Applications may be submitted between October 1 and July 1. July 1 is the application deadline. Students are admitted to the HWIH major for an autumn semester start. The application can be accessed online.

For more information, please visit the HWIH webpage.


The Nursing and Wellness Innovations Learning Community

The Nursing and Wellness Innovations Learning Community provides the opportunity for students in pre-nursing and pre-HWIH to live together on a residence hall floor. The learning community offers opportunities for academic support, career exploration and integrated social experiences. Students must apply to live in the learning community. For more details, including deadlines and how to apply, visit the program page. Questions can be sent to

Application Deadlines

Starting Semester for Prospective Freshmen: Autumn

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Starting Semester for Transfer Students: Autumn, Spring, Summer

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