Nursing Assistant Requirement

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A State Nursing Assistant (STNA) course has been added as a clinical compliance requirement for the BSN program. This course must be completed prior to beginning the program and we encourage students to refrain from taking this course until they have been admitted to the nursing program. The course must include a minimum of 16 hours of direct patient care (clinical) experience. Credit earned from the course does not apply towards degree completion.

This requirement may be met in one of three ways:

  1. Copy of STNA certification.
  2. Copy of proof of nursing assistant course completion (without certification). Proof may be a certificate of completion, transcript or a receipt from the school/program which includes your name, course title and date completed.
  3. Verification of current or previous employment as a nursing assistant, nurse aide, STNA, PCA, SNA or CNA. Your current employer must complete this form to verify your employment status.

Submission Instructions:

STNA certification or documentation must be submitted electronically. Visit the Virtual Admission Packet for deadlines. Please upload documentation to the Post-Admission Survey found here.

Where to complete this requirement:

Columbus State Community College offers this course (NURC1001). Many high schools, technical schools, healthcare agencies and other community colleges also offer nurse assistant courses. Current high school students may complete the course prior to their arrival at Ohio State, while current college students may complete the course any time throughout the academic year, or in summer prior to enrollment in the nursing major. The certificate of completion must be received by the Office of Student Affairs, Equity and Inclusion prior to the first day of class, autumn semester.

Additionally, you may locate a course in Ohio by following these instructions for online access to the Nurse Aid Training and Competency Program:

  1. Go to

  2. At the bottom of the page (lower left corner) select: Online services

  3. Select: Health care provider report and information extract

  4. From the dropdown boxes select:

    • Facility listing

    • NATCEP/Dining Assist (click in the circle next to this)

    • Either NATCEP facility based or non-facility based;

      • to print both lists you will have to run and print them separately

    • Name

    • Active

    • County/counties you are interested in

  5. Click: Submit