NEXus - Nursing Education Exchange

Expand your doctoral course selections and options through NEXus!

The Ohio State University College of Nursing is a member of NEXus (The Nursing Education Xchange). NEXus is a collaboration between participating doctoral programs in nursing that allows doctoral students enrolled at member colleges and universities to take courses that may not be offered at his or her home institution for a common price. Our NEXus liaison, Katie Larabee, facilitates the registration and transcription of these courses from partner institutions. Learn more in the 2018 NEXus Annual Update.


Required Forms


Financial Considerations

The current rate for a NEXus course is $825 per semester credit and is adjusted to $550 per quarter credit. This fee is intended to cover all associated university fees such as technology, library, or application fees. As with all courses, you are responsible for the cost of your books and educational materials.

NEXus courses may qualify for financial aid. If you are receiving aid and plan on taking a NEXus course, please contact financial aid to complete and route a consortium agreement.


Registration Deadlines

You (the student) are responsible for meeting the registration and payment deadlines of the institution that is offering the course. In most cases, this will not coincide with Ohio State's calendar so advanced planning financially and academically is critical. Visit for a complete list of registration deadlines.


Academic Considerations
  • Decisions about selecting a NEXus course must be made in consultation with your academic advisor/committee chair.
  • Students enrolled in NEXus courses must meet all course requirements.
  • Students are encourages to contact the course faculty in advance to ensure that they understand the course requirements (for example, prerequisite courses, vacation periods, on-campus requirements, technology requirements, synchronous versus asynchronous discussions).


For assistance in registering for and enrolling in a NEXus course, please contact:

Katie Larabee
NEXus Coordinator

Visit for additional course information, registration deadlines and dates.