SNWC Curriculum

Nursing 7403 (3 credit hours) Innovation Leadership in Advanced Nursing Practice

Analysis of organizational leadership and ethical essentials necessary to deliver high quality patient care in diverse settings.

Nursing 7491 (2 credit hours) Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Across the Lifespan

Analyze strategies to encourage change in both individual's and population's health behaviors that influence risk reduction in multiple settings. Develop educational strategies utilizing advanced critical thinking.

Nursing 7500 (2 credit hours) Health Policy and Advocacy

Analysis of the U.S. healthcare delivery system and the policy making process, with an emphasis on the social, political and economic factors affecting the delivery of nursing services.

Nursing 7780 (3 credit hours) Evidence-Based Nursing Scholarship

Introduction to the process for evidence-based practice. Includes clinical question generation, literature search methods, critique of research methods and appropriate statistical analysis in published research evidence and synthesis of evidence related to clinical nursing problems.

Nursing 7110 (3 credit hours) School Nurse Wellness Coordinator Practice

School nurse wellness coordinator field experience in a school setting applying the roles and responsibilities of a school nurse wellness coordinator.