After completion of the certificate, am I able to continue my studies into a degree granting program?

You may apply to one of our academic programs after you have completed your certificate coursework or while you are in progress with the certificate. A complete list of our program offerings can be found at You can email any questions you may have about our programs to

What is the cost of this certificate?

Students enrolled in this certificate will pay tuition each semester of enrollment. Students will pay for the following each semester: Instructional Fee, General Fee, Distance Learning Fee and the Nursing Learning Tech Fee ($190 each semester). If you are a non-Ohio resident, a $5 per semester fee is required each semester of enrollment. The total cost each term will be dependent on the number of credits you are enrolled for that semester. Please review the tuition and fee tables at, the fee information on the Graduate and Professional Admissions webpage or visit for more information on the projected costs.

Will students be required to come to campus?

No. Classes are offered in a synchronous, online format (regular “live” web conferencing meetings) using computers with internet access.

I am a current College of Nursing student. How can I apply for the Nurse Coaching certificate?

If you are currently enrolled in the College of Nursing, and meet the certificate admission requirements, you may add the certificate to your plan of study via the Certificate Tracking Form. Please see your Program Manager for more information.

I am a current College of Nursing student and will have coaching content in my coursework. How does this certificate help me in graduate school?

The Nurse Coaching certificate’s content and clinical experiences will provide an excellent foundation for graduate study and for your future clinical practice.

I am a recent graduate of Ohio State’s master’s in nursing program and I already have some content in coaching. What does this certificate offer that I don’t already have?

The current programs provide a basic foundation. This certificate will further develop your coaching skills and qualify you for national certification as a nurse coach.

What is the format of classes?

Most students will complete one class per semester. Classes are offered online and require students to utilize various technologies to participate in courses. Practica hours are incorporated in N7343 and N7345 to meet certification requirements.