NC Curriculum

All courses must be completed to meet the requirements for the certificate. After completion of N7343 and N7345, students will qualify to sit for AHNCC as a board-certified nurse coach.

Nursing 7342 Motivational Interviewing (2 credit hours)

Critical analysis of theoretical and research findings involved in the conduct of motivational interviewing to create behavior change and improve health outcomes.

Nursing 7343 Introduction to Nurse Coaching (3 credit hours; 2 didactic, 1 credit practicum)

Overview of the nurse coach role, the Theory of Integrative Nursing Coaching and competencies with application of nurse coaching skills.

Nursing 7344 Evidence-based Coaching in Interprofessional Practice (4 credit hours)

Theory and application of evidence-based coaching approaches for lifestyle behavior change as integrated within interprofessional nursing practice.

Nursing 7345 Advanced Nurse Coaching (3 credit hours; 2 credits didactic, 1 credit practicum)

Theory and application of nurse coaching techniques to promote holistic health. You must have completed Introduction to Nurse Coaching to enroll in this course.