Office of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships


Transforming healthcare through innovation and collaboration

At The Ohio State University College of Nursing, our vision is "to be the world's leader in thinking and achieving the impossible to transform health and improve lives." Through the Office of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, we develop solutions that promote health and wellness through new interventions, technologies, ideas and processes of interaction.


How we do it

By collaborating with external partners in the development of new healthcare ideas and programs with students, faculty and staff, we foster and promote new healthcare-related University Technology Utilization Companies (UTCCs), commercial ventures, and university start-ups.


What we do

Transforming healthcare through innovation and collaboration is a large task that requires interprofessional teamwork and dedication. The following activities enable us to reach our goal of advancing healthcare solutions:

  • Educate students, faculty and staff about innovation and entrepreneurship to enhance a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Engage students and faculty in ideation via individual, team and course projects
  • Develop interprofessional collaborations across campus and with other academic institutions
  • Develop programs with industry and international partners to improve evidence-based healthcare around the world
  • Collaborate with industry to solve pressing issues that impact health outcomes
  • Integrate and advance students, faculty and staff research ideas


Interested in joining us?

We seek strategic partnerships with students, faculty and staff from all disciplines, as well as industry partners who are looking to impact health and wellness outcomes.

  • To get involved with innovation and entrepreneurship, contact Tim Raderstorf, chief innovation officer, at
  • If you are an industry, community, or campus partner interested in exploring a strategic partnership, contact Laurel Van Dromme, chief of strategic partnerships, at





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