Buckeye Wellness Pack

Buckeye Wellness Pack

Buckeye Wellness Pack 

Buckeye Wellness Packs are filled with items that will help you becoming healthier! The Buckeye Wellness Packs are for people of all ages and backgrounds. Use the items inside the pack to improve your health and quality of life. The items in the pack include:

• Pedometer: An excellent way to get you moving!

• College of Dentistry Dental Kit: Keeping your mouth, teeth and gums in healthy shape!

•  Wellness Snack: A delicious and healthy snack to give you energy!

• A-Z Mental Health Bookmark: Improve your mood by reading some uplifting mental health sayings!

• Hand sanitizer: An effective way to eliminate germs if soap and water is not available.

• Water bottle: Stay hydrated all year long by drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water!

• Tomato seed packet: Help decrease your risk of prostate cancer by eating tomato-based foods.

• Sunscreen: Protect your skin from UV rays.

• Buckeye Wellness Magnet: Easy and fun tips on health and wellness!

• Million Hearts Campaign education sheets: Protect your health with the ABCSS (aspirin, blood pressure checks, cholesterol checks, stress management and smoking cessation).

• Cultivating Mindfulness Sleep audio: Listen to this before nodding off and you might just get a better night’s sleep!

• ASK4EBP card: Use health care providers that practice evidence-based care for improved health outcomes.

Some additional items may be added to the pack, depending on the audience:

• Dining with Diabetes DVD: Learn how to shop a grocery store in a healthy way!

• American flag attached to a research study postcard: Get involved in research that benefits society! Information about research involvement is on the postcard.