Buckeye Wellness

What is Buckeye Wellness?

In 2012, Ohio State targeted three discovery themes that will help shape our institutional research efforts: health and wellness, food production and security, and energy and environment. Buckeye Wellness is a health and wellness initiative that complements the discovery theme. It will help Ohio State to become the healthiest university on the globe by impacting the health and wellness of Ohio State faculty, staff and students as well as residents of the State of Ohio.

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How does Buckeye Wellness work?

Buckeye Wellness is a concept created by Ohio State University Chief Wellness Officer Bernadette Melnyk, and is being implemented  by its director of health promotion, Megan Amaya (amaya.13@osu.edu). Buckeye Wellness offers solutions for a healthy life, based on the best evidence and encompasses several smaller initiatives of health and wellness:

Buckeye Wellness Tips are provided for the Ohio State community. These monthly health and wellness tips are provided to Ohio State faculty and staff on OSUToday, the daily electronic headline service.

Buckeye Wellness Innovators are university faculty and staff who champion university wellness initiatives in their college, units or departments through communication, encouragement, motivation and planning wellness activities.

Buckeye Wellness Packs are created for both the Ohio State community and targeted state of Ohio residents. The packs contain multiple items related to health and wellness that can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds to improve their lives.

Buckeye Wellness Workouts offer videos of easy stretches and activities you can do at the workplace

Buckeye Wellness Calendar is a handy at-a-glance listing of wellness activities aimed at the university community.

Evidence-based Health and Wellness Channel asks Ohio State experts about a wide variety of health and wellness topics based on the best and latest evidence, including signs and symptoms, prevention and management of health conditions.

Buckeye Wellness Snacks. A healthy snack is created for the packs that will be available to the public in the near future. 

The goal of Buckeye Wellness is improve the health and quality of life of Ohio State and State of Ohio communities by providing people with evidence-based wellness education and tools.