Karen Ahijevych PhD, RN, FAAN


1585 Neil Avenue Columbus, OH 43210

Research Interest:

Nicotine dependence; cigarette smoking topography; factors influencing nicotine metabolism; effects of menthol on smoke constituent exposure including nicotine, cotinine, and carbon monoxide, and carcinogens including tobacco specific nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; focus on these factors among African Americans and Caucasians; and potential impact of bitter taste phenotype and taste receptor haplotype on oral nicotine replacement therapy adherence. Her research is primarily conducted in The Ohio State University Clinical Research Center.   http://crc.osu.edu/

Current and Recently Completed Research Activities:

  • 2009-2012 "Mechanisms of Bitter Taste Phenotype and Oral Nicotine Replacement Adherence in Smokers,"  NIH/NIDA R21 DA 024765, $412,000, Principal Investigator.
  • 2005-2009 “Menthol, Ethnicity, and Nicotine Dependence,” NIH/NIDA 1 R01 DA017313-01A1, $934,375, Principal Investigator.
  • 2003-2008 “Reducing Cervical Cancer in Appalachia,” NIH/NIEHS 1 P50 ES0124000-01, Center for Health Disparities, $7,500,000. Principal Investigators, E. Paskett & M.E. Wewers. Role: Director, Behavior Assessment and Intervention Core

Selected Publications:

  • Wewers ME, Salsberry PJ, Ferketich AK, Ahijevych KL, Hood NE, Paskett ED. (2012).  Risk factors for smoking in rural women. J Womens Health (Larchmt), 21(5): 548-56.
  • Baker CJ, Fortney CA, Wewers ME, Ahijevych KL. (2011). The cultural context of smoking among immigrants from the Former Soviet Union. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 22(2), 166-173.
  • Ahijevych K, Garrett, BE. (2010). The Role of Menthol in Cigarettes as a Reinforcer of Smoking Behavior. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 12(Suppl. 2):S110-S116.
  • Ahijevych K, Ford J. (2010). The relationships between menthol cigarette preference and state tobacco control policies on smoking behaviors ofyoung adult smokers in the 2006-07 Tobacco Use Supplements to the Current Populations Surveys (TUS CPS). Addiction,  105(Suppl.1): 46-54.
  • Trupp RJ, Corwin EJ, Ahijevych K, Nygren T. (2011). The impact of educational message framing on adherence to continuous positive airway pressure therapy. Behavioral Sleep Medicine, 9(1), 38-52.
  • Keib C, Reynolds N, Ahijevych K. (2010). Poor cardiac rehabilitation utilization among older adults: A self-regulatory model for tailored interventions. Heart & Lung: J Acute Critical Care, 39 (6), 504-11. 
  • Neal JL, Lowe NK, Ahijevych KL, Patrick TE, Cabbage LA, Corwin EJ. (2010).  'Active labor' duration and dilation rates among low-risk, nulliparous women with spontaneous labor onset: a systematic review. J Midwifery & Women's Health, 55: 308-318.
  • McDaniel J, Belury M, Ahijevych K. (2010). Effect on n-3 oral supplements on n-6/n-3 ratio in young adults. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 32: 64-81.
  • Ahijevych K. (2009). Biological models for studying and assessing tobacco use. In L Sarna and S bialous (Eds.). Annual Review of Nursing Research, 145-168.
  • McDaniel JC, Belury M, Ahijevych K, Blakely W. (2008). Omega-3 fatty acids effect on wound healing. Wound Repair and Regulation, 16: 337-345.

 Current and Former Doctoral Advisees:

  • William Matchum: Gene environment interactions in cigarette smoking
  • Jackie Watercutter: Nicotine dependence in adolescents.
  • Carolyn Carle. Effects of nicotine replacement therapy in smokers admitted to intensive care.  Graduate school alumni grant funding.
  • Jodi McDaniel. Omega-3 fatty acids effect on wound healing. NRSA funding. Assistant Professor, OSU College of Nursing.
  • Carrie Keib. Illness representation and cardiac rehabilitation utilization among older adults.  NRSA funding.  Assistant professor at Cedarville College.
  • Ruth Yerardi. Biobehavioral nicotine dependence in persons with schizophrenia.  Veteran's Administration funding. Chief Nurse, Chillicothe VA Medical Center.
  • Cathy Baker. Smoking behavior and acculturation among immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Graduate school alumni grant funding. Following post-doctoral program at Case Western, she is an assistant professor at Ohio University in Athens..
  • Teresa Wood. Biobehavioral nicotine dependence in adolescent smokers. NRSA funding.  In academia since graduation.  Currently director of the Mt. Vernon Nazarene University nursing program.
  • Sharon Christman. Intervention to slow progression of peripheral arterial disease.  NRSA funding.  Associate professor at Cedarville College nursing program since graduation.

Professional Service:

  • Study section member, ad hoc, 2009.  NIH Risk, intervention and prevention study section.
  • Associate Editor, Nicotine & Tobacco Research journal. 2005 - 2012